Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Still having trouble finding the Nanosim? Use this Card cutter

 ¿TodavĂ­a con problemas para encontrar la NanoSIM? Utiliza este cortador de tarjetas

Find nano SIM cards is much easier now that a few months ago but perhaps you are from users who regularly cut these cards to suit the demands of the iPhone 5.

With this cutter whose shape is similar to a stapler, can convert any SIM or SIM micro nano SIM card. The cutting process is very simple and consists only insert the card into the slot intended for that purpose, always respecting the orientation is indicated at the top of the cutter.

Once inside, we'll just press gently with our arms so that the cut occurs. Within seconds the nano SIM ready. In the following video you can see how easy it is the process:

Click here to watch video

If we want to reverse the change, this cut comes with two adapters that convert nano SIM or micro SIM in conventional SIM, so you can use the card in any phone without requesting duplicate your carrier, at great cost that sometimes assumed.

For iPhone users, the manufacturer of this cutter also has provided an additional clip to remove the SIM tray. Maybe we have lost the original and have a second copy is always welcome to avoid having to use clips and other homemade inventions.

The price of the SIM card cutter is $ 19.95 and you can purchase it directly in the manufacturer's website.

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