Saturday, December 29, 2012

Snooze Bar, the iPhone alarm clock dock that will simplify our day

Do you use the iPhone as an alarm clock? Did you fall off the nightstand when the alarm apagáis? Must you disconnect the charging cable if you want to use it? We found a promising solution, aesthetic and practical study that interests you.

It is an alarm clock dock for iPhone compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 consists of a wooden stand and a charging cable (one cable for iPhone 4/4S Weave and Lightning Cable for iPhone 5).

Here's how it works: support alarm clock placed on the surface we want, we introduce our iPhone (bracket fits the phone without a case or bumper) and connect the cable provided (Weave or Lightning).
snooze 1
The dock alarm allow us to use our iPhone as an alarm clock, the alarm delay for a few minutes (the alarm is not disabled) and mute incoming calls with a small gesture in support. We may also use your iPhone without having to get too close to the holder or disconnecting the charger cable device due to its length of over 1.5 meters. That's right: we install Snooze Alarm App from the App Store to work.
snooze 2
Note that developers (Distil Union) announced that do not yet have Lightning charge cable for iPhone 5, but will be available soon. The product is sold alone or with the support (about 30 €) or with the bracket and cable (about 38 €). It is available in several colors.
What do you think?

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