Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shazam gets much needed update

shazam2 Shazam recibe la actualización que tanto necesitaba

Sometimes it feels that there are certain apps for not passing time, of those that are already established in the minds of people and that most other companies strive for now a proud owner. WhatsApp is possibly the most famous example of app that has deepened, but if there is a song recognition app that has triumphed over the other that is Shazam.

New visual

Shazam had a brutal start in both the App Store from the first day of its release, but over time logically interesting emerged as competitors to SoundHound nor were doing nothing wrong and began to steal some of the downloads hitherto monopolized the absolute leader. And that's where it comes into play most interested consumers: the need to improve the competition.

shazam1 Shazam recibe la actualización que tanto necesitaba

It really did need a visual refresh however small, something that would give a little makeup to an app that just took too long looking at the millions of iPhone users. Luckily that soda has come dramatically-bottom redesign of the bar, improved animation while identifying the song playing and an increase in the size of the album cover that shows when the process ends.

Small additions

A function that will like a lot of people is the ability to identify songs but not have any Internet connection. No, of course not do magic, but is able to save the piece of song that we recorded and at the same time when we recover the connection is sent to the Shazam server for immediate recognition. Ideal for bars and nightclubs with no cover, no doubt.

Added the ability to share the songs identified in Google+, which is interesting for users of the social network that Google anyway here are still too many. And perhaps the detail that most will appreciate a specific group of users: the tremendous improvement in VoiceOver integration that allow visually impaired users to use the app without help from others, and may even enable the identification a double-tap of two fingers on any application screen.

284993459 Shazam recibe la actualización que tanto necesitaba Shazam
Developer: Shazam Entertainment Limited
Price: free (Download application)

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