Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Several companies tested prototypes of Apple TV

Screen Shot 2012 12 12 at 2.26.58 PM Varias compañías prueban prototipos de la televisión de Apple

We know that at least one television operator in the United States is testing the Apple TV, or at least he claimed sources close to the Cupertino company. Now, according to a report published in Wall Street Journal , are the providers of television pieces that are testing prototypes of the TV and in secret. So says Sharp internal sources.

Currently, Sharp is one of the manufacturers of screens of the iPhone 5 and apparently is handling d and produce the television screen that Apple will look. According to the Wall Street Journal article, precisely Sharp is one company that is testing the Apple TV.

Furthermore, we can read the publication that Apple has spent years trying different prototypes of the TV to give the perfect final model. This information coincides therefore with which we offered last year in iPhone News , in which we mentioned that Jonathan Ive was testing a laboratory model in Cupertino.

All indications are that we can enjoy the revolutionary new Apple device next year. Hopefully not need to be delayed further due to problems that Apple is finding in negotiations with major television networks in the United States.

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Article Several companies tested prototypes of Apple TV was originally published in News iPhone .

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