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Score, a brutal app for football lovers

score Score, una app brutal para amantes del fútbol

More than once I have been told I have a serious problem to see both football-especially foreign leagues, and I think the problem was confirmed when I saw the Score application is as I write this at No. 1 top free from the App Store. What does this app to like so much?

Goals of all colors

The application has a simple operation as addictive, we have to draw the trajectory of the ball across the screen to recreate the goal that we have chosen, and I can assure you that in some cases is not as simple as it may seem at first when we plotted the trajectory to carry the ball.

There are some really simple to make goals such as fault, but in others we have to give three or four passes before the end of the auction and can complicate the matter, which I appreciate because otherwise it would be too easy to play and lose a little grace.

Maybe if something can reproach the app in this regard is that the difficulty curve is very tight, it may have been more logical order goals by difficulty in its entirety to make learning more fluid and intuitive with the simple passage of time.

Large database

The app features hundreds of goals perfectly recreated in a three dimensional environment at least in my iPhone 5 looks really good. Okay, not the Cup, but at least I see the graphics are more than adequate and are grateful they have encouraged the public properly, an aspect that even the best games consoles is nothing seems to priority .

score1 Score, una app brutal para amantes del fútbol

The goals are divided for decades and we go by completing levels to unlock the following, a successful mechanical because it is used by many apps like Angry Birds verily, allowing the user to hook the game to get ahead and unlock new goals.

For now the great but you can make is the lack of licenses, since not appear anywhere the names of the players, although perfectly intuit who are in most cases by physical traits if they are implemented in the graphics of each player. But it costs $ 0 right now (usually payment) is the very best there is in the Store.

Note: on the first screen of the app have available Iniesta's goal to Holland.

490952152 Score, una app brutal para amantes del fútbol Score! Classic Goals
Developer: First Touch Publishing Ltd.
Price: free (Download application)

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