Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Samsung studying the agreement between Apple and HTC

Screen Shot 2012 12 12 at 6.12.35 PM Samsung estudia los términos del acuerdo entre Apple y HTC

Samsung's lawyers are more than busy this week. Time is against you and all information they can use against Apple is valuable. Hence, request access to the agreement signed with HTC Apple a couple of weeks ago. The legal team of the South Korean company already has in his hands a document of over 140 pages detailing the negotiations between Apple and HTC.

Although the file have removed all references to economic terms, have discovered other landmarks. For example, Apple and HTC have agreed to exchange patents over the next ten years and the company ensures that California will not sue its rival during that period of time. However, if Apple believes that HTC has plagiarized one of their designs or concepts, the agreement will be questioned.

On your next visit with Judge Lucy Koh, Samsung's lawyers will try to prove that Apple patents HTC has shared with the company described as "transferable" during the trial that pitted two rivals in San Jose last summer. Still, Samsung is pretty complicated thing to alter the sentence that condemns him to pay 1,052 million dollars to Apple as compensation.

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