Thursday, December 20, 2012

Samsung rises to 46% usage of Android devices

samsung galaxy s iii Samsung se eleva al 46% de uso de dispositivos Android

Lately Samsung no longer news. Each day a different theme, but after all the name of the company is on everyone's lips and that is something that Koreans should love them.

The new news is that Samsung has managed to bring their devices as the most sometimes access commercials Millennial network, HTC over the previous year had gotten the job.

Samsung ranks as the leading manufacturer of Android devices

Specifically, Samsung has managed to almost double their numbers. The previous year was achieved by 26% of all Android devices and this year came with an incredible 46%.

HTC on the other hand continues to lose positions and reputation. The company fell to second place, 30 percentage points behind Samsung.

In terms of total numbers of Android in its advertising network, the company believes that the wide variety of manufacturers and prices, is helping a lot to the platform grow at a fairly rapid. In his own words:

When we look deeper, we see that the impressions on our Android platform covering more than 50 manufacturers and hundreds of different devices.

From Android impressions on our platform in Q3 of 2012, 46% were of Samsung devices, followed by HTC (16%) and Motorola (11%).

This is a big change from the same quarter last year. In 2011, HTC was the manufacturer that Android had more impressions (32%), followed by Samsung (23%) and was behind Motorola with 22%.

top fabricantes android Samsung se eleva al 46% de uso de dispositivos Android

For tablets, the 9.7-inch iPad accounts for 35% of the impressions of these devices. Also ensure that from arrival growth rate of iPad Mini in its ad network has been about 28% per day, a figure tremendously amazing.

crecimiento ipad mini Samsung se eleva al 46% de uso de dispositivos Android

Still, the company says that the great success it is having the iPad Mini iPad has not slowed at full size, which is growing increasingly.

This study also confirms trends. Owners of smartphones and tablets spend more time using their devices, something that advertisers have not overlooked. According to the report, spending on mobile advertising is growing and advertisers are more comfortable creating display campaigns for mobile device users.

Ads selling cars grew by 318% compared to 2011. Education, sports and travel, all these subjects increased their mobile advertising budgets by more than 200% over the last year.

crecimiento inversion publicidad Samsung se eleva al 46% de uso de dispositivos Android

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