Monday, December 10, 2012

Samsung preparing "something big" for CES 2013

samsung ces 2013 Samsung prepara algo grande para el CES 2013

Samsung, the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones in volume terms, is gearing up for CES 2013, which will take place in Las Vegas from 8 to 11 January. This fair is expected to see the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung has decided to create a teaser suggesting that "something new is coming." There are some rumors that Apple may be planning to provide a seventh-generation iPhone during the first quarter of next year, but currently there is no credible evidence.

Reuters speculates that the Galaxy S IV could come with "unbreakable folding screen". Other rumors point to a 13-megapixel camera, quad-core chip and a 5-inch screen with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and a density of 441 ppi, which would be a great improvement that has 306 dpi will Samsung Galaxy S III and the 326 dpi that is the iPhone 5.

However, Samsung Galaxy S could enter the IV in an event itself, as it did in May with the Galaxy S III. So, what position does this leave Apple?

The Cupertino are fulfilling their self-imposed promise to make your new smartphone is available in a hundred countries through 240 operators, and it seems that at year end you will have achieved. Apensas few days ago held the launch in some countries missing.

Apple typically updates the iPhone every year, but stiff competition could have forced Tim Cook and company to opt for monthly updates for the immediate future. So we've seen with the iPad 3, which was released in March to six months later update. In addition, Apple released the iPad Mini in September.

The Chinese newspaper Commercial Times thinks Apple "has accelerated certification processes" for parts and components for the named iPhone 5S , a hardware upgrade, apparently due to low rates of return that say they have hit targets phone sales.

iPhone 5 iPhone 5S trasera Samsung prepara algo grande para el CES 2013

We have seen today which might be the first pictures of the iPhone 5S , filtered by ETrade supply company. In these images we see the iPhone backplate 5S course, which would indicate that Apple will keep the shape and appearance of the iPhone 5, updating only the guts of the device. These images, however, could easily be false or belong to a prototype of the iPhone 5.

Do you think that Apple could launch a new iPhone just six months after the iPhone 5 hit the market?

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