Thursday, December 13, 2012

Samsung launches campaign to mock Apple maps

policia australiana Samsung lanza una campaƱa para burlarse de los mapas de Apple

Publicists for Samsung leak never a good opportunity to criticize everything they can from its main competitor: Apple. This time the target of its "anti-Apple" maps have been rival. An advertising agency in Australia Samsung has used l to news that the country's authorities have recommended citizens not to use Apple's maps, to mock his opponent.

The wit and humor have not lacked in the ad campaign. Those responsible have been placed in various parts of the country signs that can be read the following message:

"Oops, should have bought a Samsung Galaxy SIII, with navigation in which I can trust."

Also appear next to the poster tents, chairs and muddy car to demonstrate how Apple maps with "get your shot and stay in the middle of nowhere", as happened to the six riders that authorities Australia had to bail.

Again, Samsung decides to focus on the faults of his rival to highlight their products without providing much information about them. Much humor and sarcasm, but little information.

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Source- CNET

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