Monday, December 3, 2012

Samsung invests far more in advertising than Apple

inversion publicidad Samsung invierte mucho más en publicidad que Apple

The wars of the time technology companies are forged not only in court but also take place in advertising, whether printed, online or on television. It is precisely in this area where Samsung spares no expense: it is one of the companies that invest more in advertising and promotional activities, well above Apple, HP, Dell and Microsoft.

We might think that Apple is one of the companies biggest spender on advertising, but in the study by Asymco , we discover that it is not. And is that just because Apple usually bet more global advertising campaigns aimed at high net worth segments. For its part, Samsung prefers performing promotional activities in all markets and communities: wants to get the entire audience possible by the large number of products with different prices you have available on the market.

In the graph we see how companies spend on advertising, beyond the previous years. Microsoft seems to be destined only less advertising so far this year.

This information comes from reports of the companies financial results are published at the end of each fiscal quarter. The money spent by Samsung can not fail to mention that the South Korean company announcements published in the last year for criticizing the conduct of Apple customers .

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