Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Samsung asked not blocking Apple products in Europe

samsung Samsung no pedirĂ¡ el bloqueo de los productos de Apple en Europa

So far in his legal crusade against Apple in Europe, Samsung has always asked the courts to block sales of its competitor products. It has happened on numerous occasions in countries like Germany, the Netherlands, London and Italy. Today Samsung announced that it will proceed with trials in which accuses Apple of copying some of its patents, but has confirmed that no request blocking sales of iPhones and iPads.

Any decision made by Samsung itself? That's hard to believe and specialized web FOSS Patents sheds some more light on this issue. The very European Union could have presionad or South Korean company to make this decision, and that a committee is investigating antitrust practices by Samsung in the market and its lawsuits against Apple.

The European Union wants to ensure that a free and competitive market and Samsung could be attacking these principles with their decisions. We assume that the EU and Samsung have agreed to continue the investigation, in exchange for Samsung give in and stop order blocking sales of Apple products.

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The article prompted Samsung not blocking Apple products in Europe has been originally published in News iPhone .

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