Sunday, December 23, 2012

Safari could have called Freedom

Like Steve Jobs thought biking was a good name for the original Macintosh or MacMan a good name for the first iMac, Apple's genius thought that Freedom would be a good name for the company's web browser. This was confirmed by Don Melton, a former programmer retired Apple says Jobs shuffled other names for the browser as Alexander or iBrowse, but finally chosen was that we all know; Safari.

safari ipad Safari podrĂ­a haberse llamado Freedom

A Steve Jobs liked the name Freedom to Apple's web browser

Melton says that Steve Jobs started saying aloud names to test how they would sound to pronounce and Freedom was one of the names that came out of his mouth. In addition, Melton says it is unclear who proposed the name of Safari, but it seems that was quickly adopted as the final name once appeared.

"I liked the name," writes Melton. "I really liked, I could imagine Safari on Mac OS X dock I had to tell the name of the team immediately and convince them that they liked. Fortunately, the team did not need much to be convinced by the name. "

How about the name of Freedom? Can you imagine that eventually was called Apple and the browser instead of Safari?

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