Sunday, December 23, 2012

Safari could be called Freedom by request of Steve Jobs

 Safari pudo llamarse Freedom por peticiĆ³n de Steve Jobs

The Apple world is full of curiosities, some of which end up coming out with the passage of time. Today we bring you a Sunday to come out this week published: Browser feature of OS X Safari also has its mobile version on iOS, Freedom could be called at the request of Steve Jobs.

As a former programmer who worked for Apple, Don Melton, Steve Jobs also considered other names like iBrowse or Alexander but finally opted for choosing Safari.

To select one or another denomination, Steve Jobs repeated aloud the available options. Since many of you know how demanding it was for this type of detail and undoubtedly the browser name had to meet their personal requirements. Finally, Safari is here to stay and be present in millions of devices today.

The idea of Freedom does not bother me, maybe today we were looking at a page with that name installed as standard on every Mac and iOS devices.

Safari may be a good browser but I stick with Chrome for both iOS and OS X. Which browser is the most like you?

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Source - BGR

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