Friday, December 21, 2012

Real Racing 3 will be released in late February according to its developers

On September 12, at the global launch of the iPhone 5 , Apple showed the graphics capabilities and speed of the new A6 chip, with a great show for the third installment of the racing simulation game car of choice for iOS (Real Racing 3 ). It has been over three months and staunchest users and true to the game and, specifically, to the Real Racing series, we have not yet seen landing on the App Store.

Upcoming Real Racing 3

Today, the company developing the game, FireMonkey's, sent us two stories, good and bad.

The good news is that we know the date on the calendar to point out about the game. The bad news is that not even be this year, but the launch will be placed at the end of February 2013, which will be released for both iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


The developer has sought to convey to users in a clear and concise reasons why the launch has been delayed. In an e-mail sent to our fellow AppAdvice, FireMonkey's boys read:

Our goal for Real Racing 3 is to create an experience that you delete the above seen in the world of mobile racing games, and we wanted to take some extra time to carry it out correctly. We have in mind the release of Real Racing 3 and all its new features like the new multiplayer mode along with dozens of new cars and tracks, by the end of February.

We recall that this new version was made ​​in the month of August , being so far the latest installment of the saga, the company initially developed by Firemint, until the giant EA did with it and merged with IronMonkey, appearing the developer FireMonkey's current.

If you want to whet your appetite, here you have the link to the App Store for the second version of the saga (Real Racing 2), both versions for iPhone and iPod Touch, as the HD version for iPad, both recessed for Christmas to a price of 0.89 €.

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2 HD for iPad


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