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Problems with the WI-FI in iOS 6? Try these solutions

problemas wifi iphone ¿Problemas con el WI FI en iOS 6? Prueba estas soluciones

Although there are many users who have no trouble using WIFI connectivity on your device with iOS 6, no other collection of users who do report bugs when using the 802.11 protocol . Symptoms that can be heard are a low signal coverage, not loading pages in Safari or inability to connect to a network.

If you are someone who is experiencing these problems, you can try the following steps and see if the bug is fixed.

Ignore the network and reconnect again

wifi11 ¿Problemas con el WI FI en iOS 6? Prueba estas soluciones

Ignore the network you are connected and try the reconnection can be a quick solution to the problems caused by the WI-FI. It is the fastest way to check if the fault is corrected by itself or if you need to explore the problem further.

The steps in this case are:

  1. Enter the settings menu
  2. Access the Wi-Fi menu
  3. Click on the blue arrow on the connection that gives you problems
  4. Click on the "Forget this Network" is in the top
  5. OK the action taken
  6. Back to Wi-Fi screen where all connections are detected by the iOS device
  7. Select the same network again and enter the password.

That's it. Obre safari or any application requiring Internet access and check that everything works fine. If not your case, try the following.

Reset network settings

wifi2 ¿Problemas con el WI FI en iOS 6? Prueba estas soluciones

If you still have problems after trying the usual reconnect to your network, you have to try resetting the network settings to your iOS device is stored. This will not make you lose the content you have stored on it, only the network settings.

The steps to be made ​​in this case are:

  1. Enter the Settings menu
  2. Click on the "General"
  3. Down until you see Reset and entered it
  4. Click on the button "Reset Network Settings" and accept.

After confirming the reset, the device restarts. What you have to do next is to try to connect to the Wi-Fi again to see if your problems have been solved.

Restore your iPhone or iPad

If the fault persists, the most forceful touch. Restore your iPhone or iPad to download the failure is software. Remember to make a backup before this step, otherwise, you may lose important content.

If you have warranty, make use of it

 ¿Problemas con el WI FI en iOS 6? Prueba estas soluciones

We tested three options to solve connectivity problems but the fault persists. If you still have your iOS device under warranty, it is wise to make use of it going to an Apple Store or by calling SAT physics. If you go to the store, you change your device with a new (or refurbished) in just minutes.

If you do not have collateral, you get to call a store to make such repairs or if you are old enough hands, you can open your own terminal and replace the component that is causing the failure. Obviously not an easy task but if we put effort, we can do it with confidence and patience.

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