Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Poll of the Week: Instagram vs. Twitter

instagram vs twitter Encuesta de la Semana: Instagram vs. Twitter

Yesterday we told you , in great detail, the war that has been established between Instagram and Twitter. So far, both applications are complementary to each other. But after tensions by Instagram acquisition by Facebook, it is clear that they have to go to compete more than ever. In the latest Android updates we find very similar options: for example, Twitter has added the tool filters to our photos.

After these updates, for which of the two applications you opted? Will you continue using the two or you'll be directly with Twitter to offer in its new version the filters to the pictures? If instead you go for another app, you can enter your own response.

The debate we pick this week on the label # podcastiphone and the Podcast News iPhone and iPad news.

¿Te decantas por Twitter o por Instagram?

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