Monday, December 3, 2012

Poll of the Week: Have you been scratching your iPhone 5?

iphone 5 negro aranazos Encuesta de la Semana: ¿Ha sufrido arañazos tu iPhone 5?

The views of users about scratches the iPhone 5 seem to be very divided. Last week we showed you pictures of two iPhones 5 color black two months after its release. One of them, with case, did not suffer any damage. However, the remaining exposed without any protection, had scratches and discoloration, leaving the metal display.

We want to know more detail your experience with the iPhone 5. Indeed, if you turn to an establishment of Apple iPhones can observe that the black color 5 show great damage against white models. What has your iPhone 5 look after these weeks of use?

You can vote and express your opinions and comments. This week we review the results of our iPhone News Podcast .

¿Ha sufrido arañazos tu iPhone 5?

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