Monday, December 10, 2012

Police in Australia warns of the dangers of using Apple Maps

 La policía en Australia advierte de los peligros que entraña usar Apple Maps

Apple should settle once and for all the problems that are bringing their new maps. Step back and recognize that competition has a better product is not unreasonable, especially when the safety of people and as a reliable brand image at stake.

The latest news related to the malfunctioning of the maps come from Austrialia and Apple is that it was the police themselves warned how dangerous it is to use them in your area.

So far, six drivers have been rescued by authorities Murray Sunset National Park, where you can reach temperatures of 46 degrees that endanger human life. People end there after following some incorrect information from the navigation system included in iOS 6.

Another group of riders headed to the city of Mildura was found 70 kilometers from the location where you thought they were. In the worst case, the situation became such that travelers were lost for more than 24 hours.

Because of these errors that a company like Apple can not afford, the Australian authorities have taken up the matter by issuing a statement:

It is a very dangerous situation, so people are asked not to use the new system maps the iPhone if you are traveling from southern Australia to the city of Mildura.

Do any of you have encountered similar situations caused by iOS maps 6?

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Source - The World (Thanks to kickflip for this)

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