Wednesday, December 5, 2012

PhoneJoy Play, another command that attempts to arouse the interest of the players

The ecosystem mounted about Kickstarter is full of great ideas that congeal roughly between users. Many of them are meant to be enjoyed from iOS devices such as the case of PhoneJoy Play, a controller with physical controls for video game enthusiasts.

Although we have said that is compatible with iOS devices, the fact is that PhoneJoy Play is multiplatform and can be enjoyed on Android handsets and computers with Windows, OS X and Linux, which does not limit its use to a single gadget.

The design offers the possibility of folding widen slightly more than 15 cm in the space to insert our smartphone. Connectivity to the device is done via Bluetooth 3.0, which allows the management range is several meters without loosing effectiveness.

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PhoneJoy Play has a total of 14 programmable buttons and two analog sticks pressure sensitive. In this regard, every need is present in all games regardless of gender.

For iOS, PhoneJoy Play uses the same SDK used by Icade, so the list of compatible games is exactly the same. If we jailbreak, we can use as Blutrol tweaks to use the joystick more titles in the App Store (the analog sticks stop working because they are not supported by the tool).

If we use an Android, will be discharged while a specific application in the case of use with a computer, may be used Phonejoy Play compatible games those HID Gamepad joysticks.

 PhoneJoy Play, otro mando que intenta despertar el interés de los jugadores

It is expected that the list of compatible games will increase in the future even after many months, it seems that developers look to Icade as a standard to control many of the games in the App Store.

If you see a world of possibilities with PhoneJoy Play, you can buy a unit for $ 50. The project will come out if they can raise the $ 50,000 needed to produce the fixture.

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