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One analyst predicts iPhone 5S in June with Super camera, NFC and 128GB

iphone 5s next new iphone 642x481 Un analista predice 5S iPhone en Junio con Super cámara, NFC y 128GB

It is still early but already one analyst predicts iPhone 5S in June with Super HD camera, NFC, 128GB and 8-6 colors available, your name Jefferies Peter Misek and has suggested in a note this morning. Apple will release an iPhone 5S in June, a break with the release model that has been established over the past two years.

Predicting the iPhone 5S states that have a Super HD camera and screen, a better battery, NFC, possible upgrades include IGZO Retina display and 128GB + almacenamiento.También predicts availability in 6-8 colors, presumably similar to the iPod Touch , which comes in lots of colors.

The iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 were presented within September / October. The iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 came within June / July. Misek does not give a response to the change of date phone upgrade from Apple, but Horace Dediu at Asymco has an interesting theory on why Apple could accelerate its release cycle. These years, Apple's sales dropped significantly two quarters before the release of a new iPhone. Consumers held back because they knew that a new phone was coming. Apple wants to avoid loading all their sales in half a year. To accelerate product launches, you can avoid the problem.

Now, also say something against predictions Misek, who had been doing a lot of bad predictions about Apple TV for years. For example, in August, said the Apple TV was in full production and would be in the market later this year. Contrast
hit the iPhone 4S before anyone else. In May 2011, when everyone was calling for the iPhone 5, the iPhone 4S predicted, it was hit. Therefore, their predictions iPhone seems trustworthy, but are only predictions, and the possible back leaked a few days ago.

Do you think this series of rumors?

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