Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Office for iOS could come sooner than expected

office Office para iOS podrĂ­a llegar antes de lo previsto

No one can doubt that Microsoft Office is one of the applications, or rather set of applications, most popular in the world. Few user computers (servers and machines rule here that simply running processes), which have not installed the famous Microsoft Office Suite (although another thing different is the amount of people who actually pay the license, but that is another costal).

Microsoft Office for iPad and iPhone could come sooner than expected

For some time talking about the possibility that Microsoft releases a version of its Office suite for iOS. On several occasions the company has denied this information, but ultimately the Redmond eventually confirmed that there will be version of Office for iOS and dared to say that hit the market during the month of March 2013.

Now new evidence of its existence and is already talking about Word, Excel and Powerpoint could reach iOS earlier than scheduled, but so far nothing is confirmed.

Apparently, Microsoft has begun to place links on their website that talks about the iOS version of Office or references to Office for iPhone. Surely this is an indication that the company is already preparing for the launch and it seems strange that they are doing so soon if the suite actually arrives in March, so rumors are emerging that could anticipate his arrival.

Of course, until Microsoft decides to publish applications on the App Store does not leave doubts, but what seems clear is that the Redmond company will get good sales of its office suite through the App Store and finally much People end up paying a license of Office, this time for use on your tablet or smartphone iOS.

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