Sunday, December 16, 2012

OCDock, the perfect support for use with the iPhone 5 and your iMac

The market docks for iOS devices is very wide, so we can find alternatives for all kinds of needs. Whoever we bring you today is a support seeking funding on Kickstarter and whose main characteristic is its minimalist d esign and seamless integration with the iMac.

Like an original Apple accessories are concerned, the OCDock is made ​​of brushed aluminum and keeps your cable lightning in sight. This is because the shape of the cable instead of being round, is flat and that allows you to cross the entire base of the iMac without being visible. This creates a false sense of wireless dock but as you see, the thing is tricky.

ocdock OCDock, el soporte perfecto para usar con el iPhone 5 y tu iMac

There are two versions of OCDock: normal and mini. The standard provides a zone sticker on which rests the terminal when the dock and is compatible with most cases on the market. The Mini edition has a simpler design and is designed to use the iPhone without cover or with very thin sheaths.

The OCDock is available in two colors: black or matte aluminum for friends of contrasts. Although the photographs appear an iPhone 5, an iPhone 4/4S users can also use this stand with your terminal by changing the connector is a very simple task.

If you like this accessory, hurry because there are only five days to the end of the possibility of ordering on Kickstarter. For $ 55 (plus shipping) you can get your unit OCDock Mini. If you prefer the normal, the price increases to $ 59.

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Link - Kickstarter

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