Tuesday, December 18, 2012

News about Apple's penetration in China

While some Apple investors are tearing their hair and look with concern the decline in shares of the company, Tim Cook and his men remain focused on business expansion. So much so that trust recover from the fall of $ 700 per share to $ 500 per share, suffered in recent weeks.

In fact, one of the great scenes where you should give this hypothetical recovery is China. Many analysts have noted that, at present, the number of devices in stock is given by the subjective perception of the relationship between supply and demand for such products.

The star of Apple device, however much you despite the iPad Mini and fourth-generation iPad is the iPhone 5 . And China is a country seeking to enter into it with the idea of ​​getting increasingly demanding presence among its users. In fact, this year China will contribute up to 15 percent of the total profits of the company on the block.

iphone 5 stock china 628x350 Novedades sobre la penetraciĆ³n de Apple en China

Tim Cook himself admitted that its sales in the Asian giant were tripling every year. For example, in its launch weekend, the iPhone 5 sold two million devices among the Chinese. Apple itself addressed this news spread, first giving a press sales in China.

The great challenge of the apple company is the deal with China Mobile, with 700 million subscribers. If only it were made with 5 percent of its users, and have sold 35 million iPhones. Only the world's most populous country allows such dramatic figures. Will Apple win their trust?

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