Friday, December 14, 2012

New rumors about a second generation of iPad Mini with Retina Display

ipad mini retina Nuevos Rumores sobre una Segunda GeneraciĆ³n de iPad Mini con Pantalla Retina

Not the first time we heard rumors about a future version of iPad Mini with Retina display, in fact one of the biggest drawbacks that many have found the iPad Mini is the lack of a high-resolution screen considering the rest of Apple devices.

Although we can not guarantee 100%, one of the reasons that could explain that this first model of iPad Mini does not have Retina display is that it would be impossible to get a size, weight and autonomy as the iPad Mini with Retina display.

From Asia come rumors of a possible iPad Mini 2 with high-resolution Retina display

Now there are new rumors that the second generation iPad Mini whether Retina screen and will specifically talk about a resolution of 2058 × 1536 with 326 pixels per inch.

This time the rumor comes from Digitimes, a newspaper that has little Asian eye with Apple rumors, although sometimes been successful. According to the publication, Apple could be working with IGZO display technology from Sharp. This technology could provide the same quality and brightness levels to which we are accustomed in Retina displays without requiring the device to have a larger battery.

Besides, they also talk about a possible restructuring of the backlight of the iPad 's fifth generation, so that instead of using two LED light bars, use a single, which would also help reduce battery consumption and increase autonomy of the device.

As we say, for now these are all just rumors, so we'll wait a while until Apple make movements to know to what extent Digitmes succeeds this time.

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