Wednesday, December 19, 2012

National Geographic suspends new photos uploaded to Instagram to disagree with the new terms and conditions of the social network

A few days ago, Instagram, one of the most important social networks to upload and share pictures for mobile devices, has announced that it will soon make changes to its privacy policy and conditions regarding the use of information and photographs, which results in that the social network can share user data with third parties.

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All this has generated a multitude of user reviews for the company, which have interpreted their photos are exposed to potential sales without their consent. Many users have expressed discomfort with these new terms, one of which is the official account of National Geographic in Instagram.

Through a photo on his official account of the social network, National Geographic has decided to suspend further this network by sharing their extraordinary photographs.

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Thus, we can translate this last "picture" uploaded by Natural Geographic ( NatGeo ):

"@ NatGeo is suspending new entries to Instagram. We are very concerned with the new address on the new conditions of the proposed service and if they do not consider it presented us could close our account. "

Not only Natural Geographic has announced its total discomfort with the social network. Users who are very active on the platform, we have observed in our Timeline of Instagram that are far users have even decided to terminate your profile with the new policy.

So much so that during the last few hours, the social network has released a statement explaining more clearly what the new conditions to be implemented, making absolutely clear that the photos from users will be sold at any time, with or without their consent. The title of it is: "Thank you, we're listening."

How will it all end? Natural Geographic? Subirá a photo saying that translates your account to Flickr ? With the upgrade of Flickr and its ability to add filters to images, we could be facing a great alternative to Instagram. What do you think?

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