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My Pepephone, a good app to manage your lines

mipepephone Mi Pepephone, una buena app para gestionar tus líneas

Nowadays, almost all companies have a fairly important application to help us manage the phone lines, and as in my case I am very satisfied user-certainly-Pepephone think is good time to take a look at your step application and tell a little why I prefer to buy a free iPhone or second-hand rather than tie myself to a stay.

Let's talk about the app

The application is really simple and has no complications. As we open our main menu appears where you can see different aspects (consumption, data, news, talk and fly points, and customer notices), while in the upper right corner will have a button to switch between the different lines that have contracted with this particular phone operator. The change between lines is fast and not much mystery.

Because what matters most is logically consumption is also what we are going to focus. First we present a summary screen with the amount spent on voice and data, but if you press any of the two options will get a detail view with a chart that divided us by spending days and also allow us to see if we have spent something in roaming , which is where we can give a good stick on the invoice. Note also that we can see the historical consumption of any month, not just for today, which is much appreciated.

Reasons to choose

Go ahead I do not pay any operator and have gone through almost all the major (including Telstra for 4 years since launch) and several MVNOs, but certainly I'll Pepephone for something very simple: excellent customer behavior.

iphonelibre Mi Pepephone, una buena app para gestionar tus líneas

The question is: Would you buy an iPhone compensates free + OMV or make up tie you to a contract? Well the answer really only have you, because depending on what you spend each month on mobile will most profitable one option or another. I usually just call and use much data, so I get throwing more profitable accounts be Pepephone with my iPhone 5 stays free and forget, but for someone who spends 40 or 50 euros per month certainly will do best tied to a large with a flat fee and get an iPhone at a subsidized price.

Do not be swayed by the opinions of others, Analyze your situation and act according to it. And if you choose Pepephone you know that the application is useful, that this post was about it until we have strayed a bit from the main topic.

508082036 Mi Pepephone, una buena app para gestionar tus líneas My Pepephone
Developer: Pepemobile SL
Price: free (Download application)

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