Tuesday, December 11, 2012

More than 300,000 iPhone 5 reserved in China Unicom

Although the iPhone 5 will not launch in China until a few days (specifically, December 14), the thing is already warm in the Asian giant. Proof of this is that it is estimated more than half a million units reserved for launch day between the two largest mobile operators in the country.

Of course, this is a product that has been accepting reservations for several weeks, and Chinese consumers have responded in the way they expected. For example, China Unicom has announced that it has in store over 300,000 iPhone 5, and that this has been only a week.

Meanwhile, China Telecom admits handled in similar numbers. All this points to a major release next Friday, when shoppers can pick up their terminals at authorized retailers nationwide.

iphone 5 reservados china 488x350 Más de 300.000 iPhone 5 reservados en China Unicom

We also have available geographic information of these reserves. Most of them come from the capital, Beijing, followed by the two largest provinces and the city of Shanghai.

You will agree with me that Apple is putting all eggs in one basket with this release in the Asian giant. Thus, sales of the iPhone 5 should go well for the apple company, which aims to capture a large part of the market now dominated by local technology companies.

In addition, its market value has fallen more than 6 percent in recent weeks, so a trip to China at this time could cause panic among its shareholders. In general, analysts are betting on some 40 million iPhones sold this quarter-final of the year worldwide. Will they succeed?

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