Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Modern Combat iOS 4 will come to the December 6, 2012

Modern Combat 4 Modern Combat 4 llegará a iOS el 6 de diciembre de 2012

The other day we showed you the first trailer for GTA : Vice City for iPhone and now we come to show you what is Modern Combat 4 to iOS, which come from the hand of Gameloft.

In one day we will have the fourth edition of Modern Combat on our iPhones, will be next December 6. Judging by the images we have seen is the best FPS (First Person Shooter or FPS video game person) who has been on the platform. Have a video after the jump.

Click here to watch video

Previous editions were a success and we could say that the Modern Combat series is equivalent to Call of Duty for the iPhone. In this fourth edition will see the best graphics to date and a new multiplayer mode much better, which is the strongest asset of this game. We see up to 12 players in the same game simultaneously.

Gameloft is bringing us great game to iPhone and iPad, iOS transforming into a great platform for gamers, despite the criticism he received at first by the gaming community for its lack of physical controls.

Modern Combat and GTA: Vice City arrive the same day to the App Store, what will download before?

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