Wednesday, December 12, 2012

MicroUSB adapter Apple gives the iPhone 5, but only in China

 Apple regala el adaptador MicroUSB con el iPhone 5, pero sólo en China

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, December was very important to Apple as it launched the iPhone 5 in more than 50 countries , including China. Users who already have their hands on the terminal have been surprised that Apple has included an accessory that the rest of the world is: Lightning adapter to MicroUSB port.

What advantage provided by this accessory? One very obvious, being able to use any microUSB cable for charging and syncing the iPhone 5 and the other devices that have Wi Lightning, ie the iPod Touch 5G, the new iPod Nano, the Mini iPad and fourth-generation iPad.

Although Lightning presumed to be digital, stronger than the old 30-pin connector and offer more extra features that are yet to prove, Apple should adopt this approach in other countries, more so in Europe has the MicroUSB become a standard for many electronic device manufacturers.

We already know that Apple goes its own way and if we buy in Spain Lightning to MicroUSB adapter, we will have to pay the amount of 19 euros, fortunately, there are always alternatives Chinese do their job for much less money.

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