Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lots cantanding iTunes Gift Card 50 €

cantanding logo cantanding Sortea una Tarjeta de Regalo iTunes de 50€

Good news!

The website is cantanding Online Karaoke has contacted us to mount a draw and ... Here we go!

What is cantanding?

cantanding is, roughly, the best system of all Internet Online Karaoke: No need to sign up, there is no charge (FREE), has hundreds of thousands of karaoke versions of all the music in the world and is perfectly compatible with iPad , iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, Wii, PlayStation 3, Smart TV and Google TV ... There is little!

As if this were not enough, since cantanding we report improved search engine Karaoke and loading times of the site and the role of "random karaoke!"

What is cantanding?

To have a good time. It's that simple!

cantanding is a recommended product, both people who want to enjoy the pleasure of karaoke, alone or together, at home, and locals of Karaoke to use ... That's enough to pay for playing CDs and Karaoke machines! With a PC (or even an iPad) connected to a TV and have mounted the party!

FREE! (No catches)

Link to cantanding

Lots of cantanding iTunes gift card 50 €

 cantanding Sortea una Tarjeta de Regalo iTunes de 50€

Yes, a nice cantanding circumvents iTunes gift card of 50 €. For that you spend in the App Store! and 50 € gives to many Apps and Games icon wink cantanding Sortea una Tarjeta de Regalo iTunes de 50€

To participate you just need a Google+ account.

Steps to enter the drawing

1. - Click on the button below:

2. - Write a comment on this article and tell us what you like about cantanding

3. - Ready! Already participating!

All steps are mandatory and can see that have been carried out in selecting the winner.

The deadline to participate in this giveaway begins today, December 8, 2012, and ends on January 8, 2013. On January 9, we will make the draw and throughout the day, we will announce the winner on the blog, in our Facebook page and our Twitter .

Cantanding Thanks and good luck to all!

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  2. i tried those steps and bought the itunes gift card from