Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lock screen concept for iPhone

lockscreen cards Concepto de pantalla de bloqueo para el iPhone

With the success of iOS we keep seeing more and more concepts of the followers of the block, some of them so good that they deserve mention as the Smart Cover for the iPhone or that we bring you today.

We since 2007 with a lock screen (Lockscreen) virtually unchanged, was introduced in iOS 5.1 to slip lower button and then activate the camera and improvements calls using the same button to receive a call, but otherwise is practically all the same, and why iOS has changed.

In the forums of The Verge 've seen this concept you see above, with two main features, what the author calls "Letters" and an improved bottom of the camera button.

The cards would be at the top, where the clock, and allow us to use certain widgets, customizable and could be sliding your finger to switch between them. Pressing Home button twice new options appear, as the forecast for the next days if you double click when you're in the weather widget.

Then we would have the option to customize the button on the bottom of the Lockscreen, select the application you want to open when you use that button, something that we have seen in applications downloaded from Cydia jailbreak. Also if you have an app like Mail or Messages directly would open ready to compose a new email or message.

From these two ideas I prefer the "Letters" to the iOS lock screen you need something more useful, is my opinion. And what do you think?

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Source - The Verge

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