Monday, December 24, 2012

Lite Fish: Tiny Wings the Spanish

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Sergio Abril, a young Spanish developer, has just released his second game in the App Store. He is 23 years old and is a student of architecture and started programming iPhone games out of curiosity, as a hobby, about a year ago. For your first game Xcode learned in just five days, and so far has been perfecting their skills.

Their second game is called Lite Fish, and takes the aesthetics of one of your favorite games (and many): Tiny Wings. Aesthetically the graphics are similar, but the gameplay is different, but just as engaging. In this case you have to help the little fish to jump out of the water to collect soles and keep the sun goes out, touching these soles you touch the screen and the fish will jump a bit more, so you can stay in the air and multiply your score by 10 when you take 5 soles made without touching the water. Once you release the suns achieved before reaching the water with a button allocated, if you enter the suns lose water. The whole game is done with a single finger.

You see something simple but addictive, increasingly want to get more and more score and well up in Game Center and sting you with your friends. As you progress you will change the color of the fish and see new textures, all handmade.

The funny thing is knowing that your family has collaborated in the creation of this game, his younger brother, who is only 13 years created the game's music, and his other brother 20 years has designed the fish, Sergio was responsible and of course the rest of the schedule. The result is a musical and aesthetic delight with gameplay that you can compete with great game like Tiny Wings or Ski Safari.

You can download it for only € 0.89 in the App Store.

581705205 Lite Fish: el Tiny Wings espaƱol Fish Lite
Developer: Sergio April
Price: 0.89 euros (Download application)

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