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Liquidmetal to stretch the earphone cable to 8x its original length

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Much has been made ​​of the material which Liquidmetal Apple has a patent for use in its products for several years. In all this time, only the clip tray remove SIM used in the iPhone 3GS has been made ​​Liquidmetal.

Since then, it has always been rumored that Apple would stop using the usual aluminum Liquidmetal, however, the day never comes. The improvements provided by this material are obvious: it is stronger, smoother and more resistant to corrosion with respect to aluminum.

In the video that tops this post you can see that is what happens if we make a small portion Liguidmetal headphone cable: length can be up to stretch up to eight times. The usefulness of this material applied to cables is very clear: avoid damage by ending involuntary jerks severing the copper over time.

 Liquidmetal permite estirar un cable de auriculares hasta 8x de su longitud original

Engadget explains, the secret lies in these elastic cables filled with an elastic polymer liquid metal. So you can achieve the conduction of electricity normally and you get a very large tolerance against pulling cables. This invention is applicable to any type of electric cable.

If the current flowing through the interior of the cord is very large, this section should be increased and therefore the quantity of liquid metal to be injected is also increased, which can decrease the strength of the joint.

Since Apple has the patent to use liquid metal in its electronic products, sooner or later we will all have at home something made ​​with this material that promises both industrial level.

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