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iUFO, try the latest toy iHelicopters for iPhone

 iUFO, probamos el último juguete de iHelicopters para el iPhone

A few weeks ago iHelicopters group launched a new iPhone-controlled toy: the iUFO . We have already tested and have the impression of being in a very well-made contraption that can provide good moments of fun.

The first thing to do after receiving the iUFO is charging its batteries. While some charge always comes factory, perhaps the first flight last us a few seconds. The accessory consists of two parts: the IRDA iUFO and emitter, both must load using USB cable provided for this purpose.

 iUFO, probamos el último juguete de iHelicopters para el iPhone

While charging, we investigate in the box and discovered that they have provided several replacement propellers in case there is an accident, we can replace them without spending extra money. By design, it is very difficult for an object to hit against the blades as they are protected by a circular cage which also absorbs shock very well. Only the projections or branches can give us problems so beware.

Once you already have loaded iUFO and installed the application on your iPhone, insert the IRDA transmitter in the jack of 3.5 mm and open the app. To succeed, it is necessary to increase the phone volume to maximum (the iPhone will think headphones are inserted). Press the ON button on the screen and move the slider up to the toy off.

The response is immediate and iUFO rises depending on the intensity that we have. With the right analog stick can control the rotation and the forward or backward in the air. It is very intuitive but if you find it difficult, you can use the accelerometer to control it.

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It is striking how fast it is when in the air but due to its light weight and short range (6 meters), it is not advisable to fly outdoors when there is excessive air because we can lose control and be at the mercy of the weather. Considering the above, we find that this is one of the best aerial robots that can control the iPhone.

Autonomy also seems scarce and we only have five minutes of flight. Although they seem few, are sufficient to have a bit of entertainment every day.

iufo 2 iUFO, probamos el último juguete de iHelicopters para el iPhone

IUFO The price is $ 59.95 and is available at the official website of the manufacturer. If you are hoping to have a gift for Christmas, this is it.

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