Wednesday, December 5, 2012

iTunes Store opens in Russia with pornography

Screen Shot 2012 12 05 at 12.23.41 PM iTunes Store se estrena en Rusia con pornografía

If Steve Jobs lifted his head! Pornography in iTunes Store! That's what I found hundreds of thousands of Russians this morning to start using iTunes Store in the country, which enabled a few hours ago. From the beginning, Apple adopted policies 'anti-porn' and did not want their products to be seen stained with the bad publicity that pornography brings hand.

The images and links to pornography could be found in a section under the heading 'Movies' from the Russian store. According to media point as 9to5Mac , this may be because the makers of iTunes Store in the country have written temporary IP address type "xx.xx.xx" to have all the content. At this time, the Russian team of Apple iTunes Store has already changed so this does not happen again.

This ruling will not sit well from the Cupertino headquarters and surely some Russian official will have to pay the consequences of such a mistake, completely violating Apple policies.

With this news resurrects one of the most contentious issues present when the App Store, an online store which has never accepted any applications that may be related to nudity.

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