Sunday, December 2, 2012

iTunes 11 is not a problem with the jailbreak

 iTunes 11 no presenta ningĂșn problema con el jailbreak

Many of us are wondering through the contact tab and Update iPhone through the comments in subsequent posts about iTunes 11 we wrote that if this new version of iTunes you have any problems with iPhones that are jailbroken or work properly, both the iPhone itself as iTunes on your computer.

As we read on twitter and I found myself the new iTunes is not a problem to synchronize devices actually jailbreak, everything works perfectly. Normally hackers were afraid to fail on the whole subject to downgrades or install custom firmwares. As you know the latest versions of Redsn0w do this work themselves, when you install the firmware downgrade or reinstall a firmware that Apple is signing (provided you have the necessary SHSH).

So do not worry about this version of iTunes and the jailbreak and probably for the following, as complex processes are performed from Redsn0w jailbreak, and Apple continues to allow sync jailbroken iPhones, and assume that will continue, can not afford afford to leave without support to the millions of users who jailbreak.

Anyway if you do not worry because you will be notified when it comes out that version incompatible. Normally if we say nothing is that there is no problem. Still, if you ask us as many times as this time we will write a post, it is a logical question and many of our readers have jailbreak. For now you can rest easy and encourage you to try the new version of iTunes, is really good.

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