Saturday, December 1, 2012

iTunes 11: Impressions

Screen Shot 2012 12 01 at 10.10.10 PM 1024x399 iTunes 11: Impresiones

Better late than never. Apple should have released version 11 of iTunes last month and finally we had to wait until the end of November to enjoy the new version of the program. As we advanced in the company in September, actually before us a tool that offers a much faster navigation.

It is true that iTunes already going to be needed a facelift. Now we have a simple design, quality that leads to abuse in almost all sections. But the development team has been able to speed up the loading of the program and general browsing iTunes Store, which until now was slow and heavy.

The same positive surprise we have had to navigate, very quickly, for our i Phones and iPads connected via Wifi. In addition, the timings are much faster now.

Another step forward is the integration of the camera from computers to redeem gift cards, but the downside is that you can still use this tool outside the United States.

We applaud the new mini player, integration with iCloud, new menus, navigation between our albums (which gives more importance to the covers) iTunes Store and keep the style that we are on our iOS devices. However, it gives little importance to the options of sharing through social networks (it seems that since Apple still upset with the failure of Ping) and to find new music recommendations are typically far from the tastes of users.

iTunes 11 would be perfect if you integrate a subscription service streaming music, something like Spotify. Hopefully this will finally arrive in the first quarter of 2013.

What are your opinions about the new version of iTunes?

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