Friday, December 14, 2012

It will sell 100 million iPad in 2013

If you think about it, the market and user trends when buying are not as easy to predict as it may seem at first. We refer, for example, a survey conducted earlier this year by iDownloadBlog specialized blog, in which seven out of ten respondents claimed to never buy an iPad that had a screen pixel density lower than the Retina Display.

After the launch of iPad Mini this fall, thousands of voices rose disappointed by its price and performance, and up to 50 of the respondents declared that never buy a tablet device such as the Apple 7.9 inches. Moreover, when asked the children, they also have it clear: they want an iPad of large, ie the iPad 4.

However, let us for a moment survey to analyze real data. It turns out that the estimates of consultants such as NPD DisplaySearch, reveal that the iPad Mini is sweeping iPad sales at the expense of the fourth generation, doubling the forecast of six million units for the fourth quarter of this year.

100 millones ipad 2013 466x350 Se venderĂ¡n 100 millones de iPad en 2013

The reason seems to be this: people are realizing the enormous potential of the iPad Mini, for a price significantly lower than its 9.7-inch brother. In fact, it is the base model 16GB WiFi Storage which is leading the sales. Its lightness and manageability are delighted to users, and the word of mouth is giving a boost to the Apple marketing machine.

So, according to this analysis, we estimate about 50 million sold iPad Mini next year, and another 50 million units for the other models available (iPhone 4, iPad 2 and the future successor of these). This would make the 7.9-inch tablet Apple iPad in its most successful to date.

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