Friday, December 14, 2012

It seems that Apple will finally Merry Christmas

navidad apple 650x487 Parece que Apple tendrá una Feliz Navidad finalmente

Despite the barrage of advertisements and promotions from other companies, consumers around the world seem to be opting for Apple products during the run up to Christmas. After interviewing a sample of 70 shoppers in 10 different cities, Reuters reports that consumers are influenced by the concerns of Wall Street.

Samsung, Apple's main rival, is gaining popularity in the malls. Only in Singapore and Bangalore, India, Reuters found that consumers chose Samsung products before the iPhone or iPad. In Mexico, despite having all indoor mall and display ads promoting the Korean company's products, the Mini iPad is selling like hotcakes.

In a mall in Boston, Reuters reported nine visits to the Apple store as opposed to only one for the Microsoft Store. In a survey commissioned by the agency, 42% of respondents said they "were leaning toward an iPad or an iPad Mini". Only 16% opted for a Kindle and 14% showed preference for the Samsung Galaxy.

What about the Microsoft Surface? Well, only 4% said that Microsoft had the tablet on your shopping list. According to Reuters:

"Customers cite the collection of music and videos available on iTunes, and other Apple traditional virtues such as simplicity and ease of use as reasons to prefer the iPhone or iPad."

And according to a survey of U.S. households with broadband access, published Thursday by Parks Associates, 44% of tablet buyers will buy an iPad compared to 24% who opt for a Kindle Fire. The survey also reveals that interest in the Microsoft Surface dropped by 53% when it announced the price of the device.

encuesta compradores tablet Parece que Apple tendrá una Feliz Navidad finalmente

Following the study by Reuters, also share the experiences of some buyers.

A buyer in Palo Alto, California, says his grandmother 77 years old and foreign language, learned to use the iPhone. In Paris, a photographer of 62 years old, went to the mall looking for an iPad to replace his stolen Samsung Galaxy.

apple store navidad Parece que Apple tendrá una Feliz Navidad finalmente

In Boston, a man of 40 years, returned the Microsoft Surface to buy an iPad. This man commented:

"With the iPad, in a way you do what you want, and with this (Surface) need two or three steps to do the same."

And how will the sale of Microsoft Surface in the birthplace of Microsoft, Seattle?

apple store navidad 2 650x487 Parece que Apple tendrá una Feliz Navidad finalmente

When asked in the Microsoft store if they had stock of models 32 or 64 GB, the clerk said "we have plenty of both!" While laughing.

Here is a photo that compares the amount of people there at the same time the Microsoft Store and the Apple Store. The photo is of the Century City mall in Los Angeles, California on December 11 at 15:30.

tienda microsoft vs tienda apple 650x240 Parece que Apple tendrá una Feliz Navidad finalmente

So if Apple is dominating sales, why the iPad has gone from a forecast of more than half of the tablet market just half by 2016 (even displace laptop according to some)? Or why Apple shares are losing much ground recently?

Anyway, it seems that the Christmas season will be very good for Apple.

Do you plan to buy a tablet for Christmas? Optaréis For what?

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