Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It is said, is discussed: Possible iPad 5 for the month of March

After two months since the announcement of the fourth generation of Apple's tablet, which occurred at the same time, and in the same event for the presentation of the iPad Mini , they come rumors about the release of which would be the fifth generation iPad in its original size of 9.7 inches.

Posible iPad 5 Marzo

Rumors suggest that it would be a much lighter and thinner than the current model, and that would be close to the aesthetics of the iPad Mini.

This rumor is the blog source Mac or Takara , which has great prestige in terms of news about possible Apple launches. It features predicted how it would be the iPad Mini, hitting virtually full.

So much so, that today, based on domestic sources, throws the first stone on the release of what would become the fifth generation of the iPad, in its original dimensions. Their sources claim that the new Apple tablet will be launched within three months, to the month of March, just five months after the release of the fourth generation of the same.

The grounds on which could be based Apple to introduce a premature so the new device is the great competition that currently exists in this format, even though the data show the iPad well above its homóogos devices such as Google Nexus 7 or Microsoft Surface.

In conclusion, this is the Mac or Takara security has on domestic sources, which also dares to predict (not thrown much into the pool ...) characteristics that would have the second generation of the iPad Mini. In this sense, they argue that the next tablet from Apple 7.9 inches, would bring the Retina Display screen and a faster processor A6X, features of the fourth generation of the original iPad.

We must not forget that they are just rumors, and might still be too early for Apple to launch a new generation of iPad, after the super event that brought the launch of iPhone 5, iPad Mini and new iMacs, among others, on 23 October.

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