Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It is funny to Apple solution to the problem with maps

It is known to all that the new maps have some bugs Apple, in fact AppleBlog and did you know the article of the funniest pictures as some were truly laugh, for people who do not have to suffer them, clear is. While the solutions added, the boys of " The Onion "had a fantastic idea, very funny by the way to solve this problem.

With the "you're holding it wrong", it was true, unfortunately, comes now the "change the world to be as much like Apple's maps." Thinking about the great power of the American company, the The Onion have thought it would be easier for Apple to make the world change for them and look a bit more to the maps in the new iOS.

Still can not believe it? Plays the video put you below. I'm still laughing every time I see the video for some of the ideas to make the streets look like Apple's. But do not worry and wait quiet as for Christmas comes the Earth 1.5, the new version of the earth designed by Apple and much easier to use.

The funniest video for the solution to problems with maps iOS6

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