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Is there a secret factory that manufactures the iMac in the U.S.?

nuevo imac1 ¿Hay alguna fábrica secreta que fabrique el iMac en Estados Unidos?

From Friday you can buy the new 21.5-inch iMac in Apple Stores. Its design is stunning, and after removal by iFixit have discovered some things we did not know.

imac montado usa 1 650x171 ¿Hay alguna fábrica secreta que fabrique el iMac en Estados Unidos?

And the unit was purchased from iFixit written by its back the phrase "Assembled in USA". In the past this has happened only a few units that had written on the box, but never recorded in the aluminum housing iMac . However, some research has found that some of the 27-inch iMac previous generation already showed in the bottom of the box the words "Assembled in USA".

imac label 297x350 ¿Hay alguna fábrica secreta que fabrique el iMac en Estados Unidos?

So, apparently, Apple is sending new iMac assembled in America. It is also true that other Internet users say that the model that has come to put them assembled in China, as expected.

This fact makes us get an interesting question: Apple makes some of the iMac in the U.S.? The percentage of equipment that comes with labels USA seems to be growing. The label "Assembled in USA" means not only that the outer parts have been screwed in the United States. The Federal Trade Commission of the United States requires that there be a "substantial transformation" of the product to label it as "Assembled in USA".

Specifically, the FTC says the label "Assembled in the USA" must meet the following:

"A product that includes foreign components may be called" Assembled in USA "without reservation when your main assembly takes place in the U.S. and a substantial number of assembled parts of the product. It would also be valid in addition to the assembly, whether to perform a "substantial change" of the product in the United States. That's why simply screw a serious foreign components in the United States is not considered usually sufficient to qualify as "Assembled in USA".

Here's where it gets interesting. The FTC provides an example using the case of a computer manufacturer:

"Example: All major components of a computer, including the motherboard and hard drive are imported. Then get together with a simple "screwdriver" in the United States, which is not changed substantially as indicated by the standard customs, so it should be marked as assembled in the country of origin. One labeled "Assembled in USA" would be misleading. "

This means that either Apple or any of its contractors have some important factory in the United States, or are cheating on their marketing putting stamped "Assembled in USA".

Apple until 2004 produced some of their Macs at its plant in Elk Grove, until the current CEO, Tim Cook, decided to move all operations to China (with some tasks located in Cork, Ireland). Interestingly, Elk Grove plant has suffered an increase in hiring in the last year, growing its staff of more than 50%. However, none of the jobs offered were manufacturing, at least officially announced by Apple.

apple elk grove 650x187 ¿Hay alguna fábrica secreta que fabrique el iMac en Estados Unidos?

Apple has also increased its Austin campus, near where A5/6/X Samsung manufactures its processors, but is unlikely to have started manufacturing there. One of the recent reports that Apple gave the security committee of the United States said:

"On September 29, 2012, the company had a manufacturing facility in Cork, Ireland, which also housed a call center customer and another in Elk Grove, California, which includes storage and distribution operations, as well as other focus of customer calls. The company also owns some land in Austin, Texas, where they will build an office and call center customers. In addition, the Company owned facilities for research and development and corporate functions in Cupertino, California, including land for future development of the second company's corporate campus. The company also owns data centers in Newark, California, Maiden, North Carolina, and in Prineville, Oregon. Outside the U.S., the company had additional facilities for various purposes. "

Perhaps Apple has yet outsourced manufacturing in companies like Foxconn, but they may be riding some plant products in the U.S.? To the surprise of some, saying that Foxconn has some properties in USA., But it is unknown whether they manufacture something in these plants.

Another theory is that Apple is making a limited edition of iMac in the U.S. (it may even be in Cupertino) to test before sending manufacturing to China. If this were the case, it is amazing how these products enter the channel retail sales and sold as finished products.

Like last time, commenting that a French surfer has published a photo in which reads "Assembled in Ireland", although we know that they do have factory Ireland.

imac montado irlanda 1 650x192 ¿Hay alguna fábrica secreta que fabrique el iMac en Estados Unidos?

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