Wednesday, December 26, 2012

IPhone 5S concept dual integrated projector

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Observe the concept of novelty iPhone 5S with dual integrated projector, one for the keyboard and one for external display. The concept has been published by frank_snk.

Very popular with many designers who have studied the case, the possible future inclusion of one or more projectors for the Apple smartphone still feeds the imagination and remains optimistic. To demonstrate the new concept nothing but watch the fabulous video created futurible showing this new feature.

101162 1280 Concepto de iPhone 5S con doble proyector integrado

Placed on a level surface, deployment begins its ends which is supported to tilt the screen. Once locked, two projectors built into the edges of the iPhone will display a virtual keyboard, while the other two are in charge of the remote display terminal. Nice but so incredible strange that we could prove to be true in the short term, including the next generation iPhone.

One disadvantage if it were true feature is the battery consumption issue because the smartphones currently lack the autonomy necessary to complete a full day, with this utility consumption should be exaggerated or simply connected to the power supply.

The most credible is what one analyst predicted since June 2013, the iPhone 5S said would have a Super HD camera and screen, a better battery, NFC, possible upgrades include a screen IGZO Retina + and 128 GB of storage.

True or not rumors began dancing, and other prototypes shown before the start of a new terminal, so if it is almost certain is that this feature is only an imagination but a possible reality.

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