Thursday, December 20, 2012

iPhone 5C, the ideal mobile college life | Humor

iphone 5 the onion iPhone 5C, el móvil ideal para la vida universitaria | Humor

Descontrol, parties, chaos, alcohol ... the life of a college or university is full of these ingredients and so is very difficult for an iPhone screen remains intact for a long time.

This is the new Apple iPhone 5

Apple knows about the problem and to prevent the university have problems with their phones, has launched the iPhone 5C. 5C The iPhone has a pre-shattered screen, so that their owners will not suffer if they drop the phone on the ground, within some drink or directly receives a shower of beer.

Then we leave you with a video presentation of the new iPhone 5C where you can also see the view of the first buyers of the new iPhone 5C.

Of course, all this is totally false and is nothing more than a new parody created by the always great The Onion What do you think the iPhone 5C? Did you buy it?

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