Monday, December 10, 2012

iPhone 5, voted best gadget of the year by Time Magazine

As usual, by this time come the lists of "best of the year", and Time Magazine has created a list that are the best devices and gadgets of 2012, both its appearance and its usefulness.


This year, few smartphones have achieved a place in the lists, coinciding with its launch some-but the iPhone 5 has been one of them, topping the list with the title of best device of 2012.

According to Time Magazine, the iPhone 5 is one of the best devices made ​​so far, which is further characterized by being thin and light, and have an even bigger screen than its predecessors while.

This is the list published by the magazine:

  1. iPhone 5: for its lightness and perfection in every detail.
  2. Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Novelty. For his ingenious GamePad, power and new design.
  3. Sony Cyber-Shot RX100: by size (small and light) and image quality.
  4. Raspberry Pi Model B: the new computer. For its size, price and design.
  5. Lytro: unmistakable design, tube and effect "living pictures" created in the images.
  6. Retina Display MacBook Pro 15 ": the traditional Apple design, power and lightness.
  7. Microsoft Surface with RT Windows: Windows by integrating RT and simplicity.
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note II: its power, and hardware design of the phone.
  9. Nest: the original thermostat. For its innovative design and utility rememorada.
  10. Simple TV: compatibility with other Apple devices or Windows and their simple design.

Do you agree with the first post? ModificarĂ­ais? Any?


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