Tuesday, December 4, 2012

iOS leads the list of Android mobile networks face in the last six months

While it is true that some studies revealed so far outselling Android mobile devices, today Chitika Insights says that iOS takes advantage of the number of users and the number of sales leads. And not only tops the list, but also makes increased sales by 2%.

ios vs android1

The launch of new products has led both systems increases and decreases in sales of devices, though both have been relatively in line. That's right: iOS achieving greater web presence.

Also, Chitika Insights study reveals that the iPad is the undisputed leader in the sale of tablets, and it was probably thanks to this device as iOS has taken advantage in the ranking.

ios vs android2

Chitika also states that one of the conclusions drawn from this study is that mobile users are often mobile network vary (from iOS to Android to Android or iOS): hence the balance of sales. But surely recognizes the difference in use between the two systems, as clearly shown in the graph.


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