Friday, December 21, 2012

iOS 6.0.2 excessively increased battery consumption

A couple of days ago Apple released iOS 6.0.2 to fix the problems that had arisen with the WiFi on iPhone 5 and iPad mini. This update is the first published Apple and is not compatible with all iOS devices company, a way to operate a little strange, considering what we are accustomed.

ios 6 0 2 iOS 6.0.2 aumenta excesivamente el consumo de baterĂ­a

iOS 6.0.2 is negatively affecting the battery consumption of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

Still, the update was released and users with an iPhone 5 or an iPad mini (or both) were quick to install this update that promised to end the problems with WiFi connectivity. Indeed the connection problems were solved, but in some cases the update created a new problem.

The Apple support forums are receiving numerous complaints from users who say that after installing iOS 6.0.2 on their devices, the battery life has been incredibly low. Many users say that the autonomy of their devices has dropped so much that now it is impossible for the same battery lasts an entire day without being recharged.

Apparently, there is evidence to indicate that the problem that is causing this excessive battery consumption is exactly the same as trying to solve the iOS update: the WiFi connection.

So far Apple has not commented and do not know if you are looking for a solution to the problem or else the solution will still take a while.

Have any of the devices compatible with iOS 6.0.2? Have you encountered any problems like this?

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