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iOS 6 and its design problems

fotos en iphone 5 iOS 6 y sus problemas de diseƱo

We know that in matters of design, Apple always takes care of every detail. But we have to say that iOS has lagged far behind in this aspect. While Jonathan Ive, Apple's vice president and head of product design company, has always highlighted by a brilliant job, Scott Forstall, vice president of iOS so far, has not been able to combine the design of the latest devices with interface iOS.

Jonathan Ive is responsible for polishing all these aspects in the coming months. From next year we will overcome our style "skeuomorfo" movement already told you about recently in News iPhone . Farewell to modern applications such incomprehensibly ancient designs. Scott Forstall was the last person who supported this type of style and his running Apple, iOS 7 promises to offer a facelift.

Exploring iOS 6 we find items that can not fit at all. For example, Jonathan Ive hit the wide screen of the iPhone 5, however the photo displayed is wrong with the two black bars that we found while browsing our albums. The beautiful experience of viewing your images on the touch screen has been damaged by recent changes. And Apple is aware of this, hence their official announcements of the iPhone 5 plays "deception" with pictures that fill the entire screen when in fact it is not, at least you're using Outlook:

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Apple surprised the world in 2007 with an impressive touchscreen and undoubtedly, browsing through the images was a real success in that it has now taken a step back.

No doubt that Apple will introduce a change that allows us to again enjoy this section. Meanwhile, the company should change their ads to avoid advertising claims leading to deception. Not the first time this happened, because Apple was sued for the same reason last year by the Siri ads.

More- brings a claim for misleading Publish for Siri

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