Thursday, December 6, 2012

Into the Dead: How far you can reach escape the zombie horde?

Into the Dead is a game of "infinite run", but in 3D and in order to escape the hordes of hungry zombies, so fashionable últimamene, which we are. His mechanics are simple: all zombie running and dodging obstacles we encounter.

Into the Dead 1

For them we can select different types of control, such as the accelerometer or more configuration screen buttons. Of course, as we move forward in our flight, we will find more and more zombies that will we have to calculate very well our swerving to avoid ending up impaled eaten or ...

Into the Dead 2 Into the Dead 3

According to fulfill missions and win coins, we can use them to unlock weapons and power-ups that will help us get as far as possible.

The game is universal and free, so do not lose anything to have a look and try it yourself, as it is quite entertaining.

Into the Dead

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