Friday, December 21, 2012

Instructs Apple iPad 2 Million Extra Mini to its Suppliers

iPad mini Apple Encarga 2 Millones extra de iPad Mini a sus Proveedores

The iPad Mini is becoming the worst nightmare of competition from Apple. After announcing sales of three million of the latest big iPad, the iPad Mini is selling more than its older brother and could easily exceed the number of iPad sales in December sold.

Eight out of ten owners of a plan to continue with Apple iPad, so it's not surprising that the Cupertino company has increased Mini iPad orders to its suppliers, bringing the year-end volume of 12 million units manufactured.

According to DigiTimes:

"Apple made ​​an initial estimate of 10 million units of iPad Mini for 2012, but due to component shortages caused by the poor performance of some, Apple had to adjust the volume to 8.6 million units."

So what has changed?

iPad mini 2 Apple Encarga 2 Millones extra de iPad Mini a sus Proveedores

Two things: The rates have improved performance and popularity of the iPad Mini has increased.

"With improved performance rates of suppliers, shipments of iPad Mini in the first two months of the fourth quarter and to have exceeded 8 million units, so it should be easy to break the figure of 10 million initially estimated Apple even reach 12 million. "

Apple's suppliers provided about 4-4.5 million iPad Mini components between October and November and maintain the same level of supplies during December.

"As for the first quarter of 2013, we expect that suppliers maintain the volume of shipments on the same level as in the fourth quarter of 2012."

And if yesterday's report from DigiTimes is correct, Pegatron are in luck, because the manufacturer is alleged to have most of the production of the iPad Mini orders for the next three years.

Yesterday Apple solved the problems of WiFi the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, so there is no excuse not to buy it.

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